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Yvette Carnell – Episode 4

support this podcast, donate todayIn Episode 4 of CounterPunch Radio host Eric Draitser has an in depth conversation with analyst and commentator Yvette Carnell, founder of the popular website BreakingBrown.com. Yvette discusses her recent article in CounterPunch entitled “The White Terrorists: Lynching in America,” which attempts to pull back the curtain on some of the hidden history of lynching and its social, cultural, and economic underpinnings. Eric and Yvette discuss the “pathologizing” of blackness in America and the impact that it has had on both perceptions of Black people, and their own perceptions of themselves. Additionally, they attempt to draw out the connection between the lynchings of the past and the violence and police murders of today, with particular attention to the socio-cultural context within which these should be examined. All this and more on Ep. 4 of CouterPunch Radio. Intro and outtro music provided by the Dr. of the Blues, the man with a PhD in Boogie Woogie, David Vest.