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Yassamine Mather – Episode 102

This week Eric welcomes to the show UK-based Iranian exile Yassamine Mather to discuss the latest developments in Iran and the Middle East. Eric and Yassamine begin with an analysis of the Iran nuclear agreement (JCPOA) and the decision by the Trump administration to violate the treaty. From there, the conversation explores some of the political, economic, and strategic context within which these latest events must be understood. Yassamine provides her perspective on the regional and global issues at play, especially against the backdrop of the war in Syria. The second half of the show explores the social unrest in Iran, and how the neocons and their allies would like to exploit it for regime change. Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, Hezbollah, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, and many other players occupy a spot on the chessboard. CounterPunch Radio is here to make the game understandable.

Music: Blackalicious – “Black Diamonds and Pearls”