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Steve Horn – Episode 95

CounterPunch Radio returns this week after more than two months away. Eric welcomes to the show investigative journalist Steve Horn to discuss the state of the Republican and Democratic parties and the ongoing conflicts, perceived or real, within them. Eric and Steve talk about the anti-environment, climate-denying degenerates appointed by Trump to head every relevant agency, the role of ALEC in shaping Trumpian policy, and more. The conversation also explores Steve Bannon and his role in maintaining and shepherding the Trump lunatic base.

The second half of the show focuses on energy and the international political issues surrounding it. First, Eric and Steve examine the role of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the profit-seeking business equations of both energy companies and the Trump Administration. From there, the conversation explores everything from China and Iran as energy players in the minds of US strategic planners to the evolution of the former Soviet countries in Central Asia in the energy calculus of both Beijing and Washington. From the South China Sea to the Arctic, the scramble for energy continues, and all these issues are at the center of foreign policy decisions for the world’s powers.

Topics: #Trump #JeffFlake #RepublicanParty #DemocraticParty #climatedenial #antienvironment #Bannon #ALEC #energy #Iran #Russia #China #Azerbaijan #Turkmenistan #pipelines #LNG #oilprice

Music: Nouvelle Vague – “Guns of Brixton”