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Stan Malinowitz – Episode 107

This week Eric welcomes to the show author and academic Stan Malinowitz to discuss the recent elections in Colombia, among other important developments. The conversation begins with a rundown and analysis of the elections, including a profile of the two main candidates from the left and far right. Eric and Stan then discuss the recent wave of political assassinations, and what this means for the incoming administration and the people of Colombia. Additionally, Stan explains how neoliberalism manifests in Colombia, and how the economic situation will likely evolve under a far right wing government. The second half of the show focuses on Colombia’s role in regional and international issues, including the news that Colombia will be an observer-member of NATO. Eric and Stan also compare and contrast the right wing victory in Colombia with the victory of left-populist AMLO in Mexico. From Venezuela and Brazil to Nicaragua and Mexico, Colombia is a central actor in nearly every regional issue, and as such, commands our attention this week.

Music: Nouvelle Vague – “Guns of Brixton”