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Robert Hunziker & John LaForge – Episode 33

This week Eric discusses threats to the planet and human civilization with regular CounterPunch contributors Robert Hunziker and John LaForge. First, Eric welcomes back to the show environmental journalist Robert Hunziker to discuss climate change, the latest research from the Arctic, and ways of reorienting our thinking to tackle these immense problems. The discussion touches on the record warmth of January and February, the melting Arctic and Antarctic ice, and the interconnected nature of the global ecosystem. Eric and Robert also discuss lifestyle modifications, new technology, and the importance of these issues to millennials as they have families of their own.

In the second part of the show Eric sits down with John LaForge to talk about Fukushima five years later, and the active threat of nuclear power to the environment, and life on this planet. They talk the conspiracy of silence over Fukushima, the “ticking time-bomb” at Indian Point (New York), and the political and economic obstacles to shutting down the nuclear facilities. John and Eric also discuss potential solutions, and the state of the anti-nuke movement.

Musical Interludes:

Gospel Beach – “California Steamer”
Ali Farka Toure – “Soya”
Chumbawamba – “Enough is Enough”