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Ted Rall & Robert Hunziker – Episode 15

support this podcast, donate todayThis week, CounterPunch Radio host Eric Draitser welcomes two more outstanding guests to the program. In the first half of the episode, Eric chats with award winning syndicated political cartoonist and author Ted Rall about the controversy surrounding his recent firing by the LA Times on bogus charges made by the LAPD. Eric and Ted discuss the circumstances of his firing, the LAPD’s lies, and the stupidity and arrogance of LA Times management in siding with the cops. Eric and Ted examine the larger context of this story, including how it is an indictment of the corporate media which, once again, reveals itself as a servant of power. Ted also talks about his brand new book about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, scheduled for release in a few days.

In the second part of the episode, Eric welcomes environmental journalist and regular CounterPunch contributor Robert Hunziker to the program to discuss climate change and the precarious state of our planet. Robert and Eric talk about the state of the arctic, the terrifying implications of the loss of arctic sea ice and methane release, and much more. Robert also dispells some of the myths perpetrated by the climate change skeptics, and provides his perspective on Fukushima, the global water crisis, and a number of other issues. All this and more in this wide-ranging interview. As always, intro and outro music from David Vest, with an interlude from Billy Bragg and Wilco.