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Rachael Boothroyd-Rojas and Lucas Koerner – Episode 85

This week Eric sits down with Venezuela-based journalists Rachael Boothroyd-Rojas and Lucas Koerner to discuss the latest developments in that country, and the broader political, economic, and geopoltical implications. The conversation begins with a detailed analysis of the opposition protests, responsibility for the violence, and the role of the domestic private media, and international corporate media in stoking tensions. From there, Rachael and Lucas explain some of the methods and tactics employed in the ongoing economic and propaganda war, as well as who is behind them.

Economic destabilization and mismanagement, political assassinations, and psychological war all figure prominently in understanding the complex reality of life and politics in Venezuela today. What will the US policy toward Venezuela be in the Age of Trump? Will the Maduro government survive? Will the Bolivarian Revolution continue? These and many other questions tackled this week on CounterPunch Radio. Don’t miss it!

Music: Rebel Diaz – “Work Like Chavez”