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Paul Street – Episode 96

CounterPunch Radio is back this week after a long hiatus as Eric welcomes returning guest, and regular CounterPunch contributor, Paul Street to the show.

Eric and Paul discuss Russiagate and the competing narratives around it, how the Trump-Russia discourse has changed on the Left as new details emerge, and what we should look forward to, both good and bad. But fear not, this conversation goes well beyond the corporate media hysteria to touch on everything from Bernie Sanders’ recent comments and what the motivation behind them might be, the impact of guns and the gun control issue on Trump’s ability to connect with his base and core supporters, the dangerous trajectory of American political life and society, the end of US hegemony, and so much more.

CounterPunch Radio is thrilled to be back on the air! Thanks for coming back to listen.

Music: Chumbawamba – “Bella Ciao”

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