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Paul Street – Episode 93

**Note: This episode was recorded 10 days before the events in Charlottesville**

This week Eric sits down with author Paul Street to discuss his recent article in CounterPunch entitled “Unity with the Right? A Deplorable Idea” (Aug. 4, 2017). The conversation touches on renewed calls for building alliances with the far right, and interrogates whether such a strategy is desirable, or even possible. Eric and Paul discuss the current state of the Left, and examine why anyone would think unity with the far right would be anything other than self-immolation. From the importance of armed self-defense, to the history of the collapse of the Left in the last 50 years, this wide-ranging conversation touches on some of the key questions facing socialists, anarchists, and progressives in the Age of Trump. And, considering this was recorded before the violence in Charlottesville, listeners might get a unique perspective from this discussion. Don’t miss it!