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Paul Street – Episode 5

support this podcast, donate todayIn Episode 5 of CounterPunch Radio, host Eric Draitser sits down with author and political analyst Paul Street to discuss a wide range of issues related to US politics and the precarious state of the “liberal Left.” Paul provides his perspective on what it means to be a liberal in America today, and how that is directly related to a willingness to accept serial betrayal of those one supports. Eric and Paul examine the recent history of liberal Democrats, including the treachery and subservience of Bill Clinton to Wall St., and what that tells us about Hillary’s campaign. They also discuss the upcoming election, the role of Bernie Sanders, and the illusory nature of his campaign. These and other critical issues are examined in Ep. 5 of CounterPunch Radio. Intro and outtro music provided by the Dr. of the Blues, the man with a PhD in Boogie Woogie, David Vest.