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Mike Whitney – Episode 1

support this podcast, donate todayIn this inaugural episode of CounterPunch Radio, host Eric Draitser sits down with CP columnist Mike Whitney for Part 1 of a two part discussion on a host of political and economic issues. They touch on Mike’s recent article in CounterPunch magazine dealing with the Federal Reserve, interest rates, and the economic and political context within which they must be understood. Draitser and Whitney move on to discuss the economic situation in Ukraine, the war in the east of the country, and the West’s motives. Finally, they examine the global strategic situation and the shifting geopolitical calculus with regard to Iran, Russia, and China, and the U.S. countermoves. All this and much more in Episode 1 of CounterPunch Radio. Intro and outtro music provided by the Dr. of the Blues, the man with a PhD in Boogie Woogie, David Vest.