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Mike Fox – Episode 88

This week Eric chats with Brazil-based journalist Mike Fox about the ongoing protests against the right wing government, the volatile politics of the country, Brazil’s significance to the region, and much more. The conversation begins with an in-depth analysis of the recent scandals that continue to plague the Temer government, and what this means in the near- and long-term. Eric and Mike discuss the manufactured nature of the protests against the left wing government of Dilma Rousseff, and the role of big capital both in Brazil and the US in bankrolling them. The second half of the show highlights the broader implications for Latin America, and places Brazil in its proper regional and international context. From urban and rural protests to the role of Wall Street, from endemic corruption to the dangerous Trump Administration, Eric and Mike tackle this complex topic this week on CounterPunch Radio!

Music: Max Romeo – “Socialism Is Love”