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Mike Fox – Episode 131

This time Eric welcomes back to the show Brazil-based multimedia journalist Mike Fox to discuss all the latest political earthquakes coming from Brazil in the wake of The Intercept’s blockbuster reporting on leaks within the government. Mike explains the background of the scandal that led to former President Lula’s imprisonment and the rise of the fascist Jair Bolsonaro, and why these recent leaks seriously damage the credibility of the government itself. Eric and Mike explore everything from the response of the social movements and activists to the erosion of Bolsonaro’s base in the face of this scandal. Mike also presents some important information to consider moving forward in the weeks and months ahead, including how students and others are organizing around Lula and against pension reforms. So much packed into this conversation. You won’t find this analysis anywhere but CounterPunch.

Music: Linton Kwesi Johnson – Fite Dem Back