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Michael Fox – Episode 114

This week Eric sits down with Brazil-based multimedia journalist Michael Fox for an in-depth discussion on the exceedingly dangerous political situation in Brazil as a fascist prepares to assume the presidency. Michael provides an overview of the current conditions and provides background on Jair Bolsonaro, the Trump-like far-right candidate widely expected to win the second round of the election at the end of October. Eric and Michael examine everything from the use of fake news to bolster Bolsonaro and the support he’s received from big capital to the responses from the social movements and Brazilian left. The second half of the podcast focuses on victories on the Left, the importance of the social movements, and the insidious role of Steve Bannon and the growing fascist international in backing Bolosonaro. Naturally, there is also discussion of how Bolsonaro truly is a Brazilian Trump. All this and so much more in this special report from Brazil exclusively on CounterPunch Radio! #elenao

Music: Linton Kwesi Johnson – “Fite Dem Back”