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Margaret Kimberley & Sukant Chandan: Episode 16

support this podcast, donate todayThis week Eric welcomes political commentators Margaret Kimberley and Sukant Chandan to the program. First, Eric chats with Margaret Kimberley, editor and columnist at Black Agenda Report about the growth of #BlackLivesMatter, the controversy surrounding the confrontation with Bernie Sanders and its aftermath, and the importance of the movement’s dissociation from the Democratic Party. They also touch on the situation in Ferguson and the necessity of incorporating a critique of imperialism into the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

In the second part of the show, Eric sits down with political commentator and organizer Sukant Chandan to deconstruct the situation in Libya, as well as the general state of imperialism in Africa and Asia: What are its tactics? How have they shifted? How do we move forward in opposing it? Eric and Sukant take on the issues of African “migrants,” the spread of death squads, and the importance of creating unity among imperialism’s victims around the world.

Intro and outtro provided by David Vest. Musical interlude by Ali Farka Touré.