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Liza Featherstone – Episode 121

Note: Interview recorded on January 18, 2019

This time Eric welcomes to the show author and journalist Liza Featherstone to discuss some of her recent writings on feminism and progressive politics, the 2019 Women’s March, and her new book “Divining Desire: Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation.” The conversation begins with a discussion of contemporary feminist politics, and how recent political developments may call into question the hegemony of elite white feminism and corporate entryism for women. From there, Eric and Liza explore some of the political context surrounding January’s Women’s March, and how it all dovetails with the progressive movement, and especially the Bernie 2020 campaign. The second half of the interview explores Featherstone’s new book, and how the history and development of the focus group is intimately connected with the development of post-war capitalism and the modern, consumer-centered economy of today.

Music: Jackson Browne – “Lawyers in Love”