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Kathy Kelly – Episode 82

This week, Eric welcomes back to the show veteran peace activist Kathy Kelly to discuss the increasingly deafening drumbeat of war, and the reality of life in the war zones which she has witnessed with her own eyes. The conversation begins with a discussion of the Trump Administration’s ratcheting up of hostilities, and what this tells us about both Trump and US foreign policy in 2017. Eric and Kathy examine a number of global hot spots, with Kathy giving her first-hand account of the tragic reality of everyday life in Afghanistan after more than 15 years of US occupation. From Yemen to Iran, Syria and Iraq to the Horn of Africa, imperialism is on the march. Thankfully there are brave voices like Kathy Kelly raised to try to stop it. Visit vcnv.org to follow Kathy’s work, and that of other courageous peace activists.

Music: Devendra Banhart – “Heard Somebody Say”