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Kathy Kelly – Episode 6

support this podcast, donate today This week, CounterPunch Radio host Eric Draitser catches up with renowned peace activist Kathy Kelly to talk about civil disobedience, the reality of the prison-industrial complex, and Kathy’s experiences in Afghanistan. The conversation touches many of the most pressing issues of war and peace in the 21st Century, including the insidious and indescribably brutal nature of drone warfare, and the impact of nearly 15 years of war and occupation on the young people of Afghanistan. Kathy paints a vivid picture for listeners of both utter despair and incredible resilience, providing a window into both the humanity and stark reality of life in that war torn country. Eric and Kathy also break down the moribund anti-war movement in the US while discussing ways that young people can still get involved in peace work. All this and more on Episode 6 of CounterPunch Radio. Intro and outtro music provided by the Dr. of the Blues, the man with a PhD in Boogie Woogie, David Vest.