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JP Sottile – Episode 140

This week Eric welcomes back to the show political analyst and all around news vandal, JP Sottile, curator of the Newsvandal daily newsletter. Eric and JP discuss oil, oil, and more oil; how global politics and economics are being shaped by it, and what the future may hold. JP explains why he refers to this period as “Donald Trump’s Oily Presidency” and what the rule of Big Oil has meant for the geopolitical chessboard in the Middle East and beyond. Eric and JP discuss the recent drone strike against Saudi oil facilities, who might have been involved, how the war in Yemen is related and so much more. The second half of the show features an in depth discussion of Russia, the strategic calculus in the era of late stage oil, and much more. A quick episode summary won’t do this discussion justice. Don’t miss it!

Music: John Mayall – “Gasoline Blues”