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Jeffrey St. Clair & Joshua Frank – Episode 100

This time Eric welcomes to the show CounterPunch editors Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank to mark the 100th episode of the podcast as the bombs of WWIII fall around us. While Jeff and Eric record from deep in their respective strongholds, Josh remains foolishly above ground, open to the elements and nuclear bombs. Nevertheless, the show must go on, so Eric, Jeff and Josh discuss everything from Trump’s bombs over Syria to Putinmania, from Democratic Party orcs to the Great Syria Meme War of 2017. The guys discuss CounterPunch’s close encounters with fake news and fake personas, the fractures and/or collapse of the Left, the total evisceration of regulatory agencies under Trump, and why the Degenerate-in-Chief is more like Bill Clinton than Barack Obama or George Bush. This was a fun conversation, don’t miss it!

Music: Jackson Browne – “Lawyers in Love”