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Jeffrey St. Clair – Episode 21

support this podcast, donate todayThis week, Eric sits down with CounterPunch Editor and political kidney-puncher Jeffrey St. Clair who spins yarns about the early days of CounterPunch and the inimitable Alexander Cockburn, who himself makes a special appearance in this week’s episode in the role of angry thundercloud. Eric and Jeffrey discuss the quietus of journalism and, consequently, the importance of CounterPunch upholding the tradition and legacy of oppositional reporting and analysis. Jeff explains how Bill Clinton and the corporate Democrats served to consolidate the programs and policies of Reagan and the neocons, and how dear comrade Bernie, aka Chairman Sanders, is not exactly a leftist breaking from the party, but more like the party breaking left for a fleeting moment. Eric and Jeff discuss the environment, Gang Green, and the collapse of social movements, while also waxing poetic on the importance of culture in politics. Oh, and also, CounterPunch asks for money. Give us your money.

One of us, one of us! Gooble gobble. Gooble gobble.

Intro and Outtro from David Vest. Musical interlude from The Mekons.