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Jason Stanley – Episode 110

This week Eric welcomes author and Yale professor Jason Stanley to discuss his brand new book How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them. The conversation opens with a discussion of the motivation for writing the book, and what “Us” and “Them” means for understanding fascist politics of the past and today. From there, Eric and Jason touch on some of the key elements of fascism discussed in the book while providing examples of how those ideas are being expressed in the context of Trumpism and the global march to the far right. The second half of the conversation touches on other examples internationally, from Salvini in Italy to Orban in Hungary to Netanyahu in Israel, fascism is here and must be understood. From nostalgia and mythology to the notion of shared, collective oppression, fascism is rearing its ugly head all over the world. This in depth interview and new book should provide the tools we need to understand and fight it.

Music: Chumbawamba – “Bella Ciao”