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Howie Hawkins – Episode 150

This time Eric welcomes to the show activist, unionist, and leading candidate for the Green Party nomination for President in 2020, Howie Hawkins. Eric and Howie discuss the importance of a left political alternative to the Democratic Party, and why arguments against it are disingenuous. Howie describes his background as a trade unionist, co-founder of the Green Party, and activist, and explains how that informs his politics today. Eric and Howie explore electoralism vs activism, the role of the Green Party with it shortcomings, and whether it can be a vehicle for the Left. Howie also provides some perspective on the Bernie Sanders campaign and explains why he wasn’t surprised to see Bernie do well in 2016. Finally, and most importantly, Howie answers the million dollar question: why bother with a third party in an undemocratic capitalist duopoly?

Music: David Rovics – “Failed State”