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Hawzhin Azeez – Episode 99

This week Eric welcomes back to the show Kobani-based political scientist and activist Hawzhin Azeez to discuss the Turkish invasion of Afrin, the general attack on Kurdish autonomy and sovereignty, the role of jihadis in this strategy, and so much more. The conversation begins with an analysis of the attack on Afrin (at time of recording, the main battle was still ongoing), and the Turkish motivations in doing so. From there, the Hawzhin and Eric touch on everything from anti-Kurdish propaganda from various quarters, the strategic calculus within which the Kurds are operating, and the role of foreign powers (US, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc). The second half of the discussion examines the response from the international left, media coverage of the war, and what concerned people around the world should be doing. So much ground covered in this wide-ranging conversation that goes in depth where most media outlets won’t dare. Don’t miss it!

Music: Max Romeo – “Socialism Is Love”