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Eric Draitser – Episode 119

This week CounterPunch Radio is co-hosted by CounterPunch’s Managing Editor, Joshua Frank, who turns the tables on Eric as interviewer becomes interviewee. Eric provides his analysis of the situation in Venezuela: How we got here, what’s happening, and what comes next. The conversation begins with some background on Venezuela’s recent history, Eric and Josh’s experiences in Venezuela, and the general political and economic context for the current crisis. From there, Eric and Josh discuss some of the international angles of the story, including how Venezuela is a geopolitical battleground in the global conflict between the US and Russia (and China), and the role of oil and other natural resources. The conversation touches on a wide variety of other topics including the political culture in Venezuela, the importance of Bolivarian idealism over personality cults, and the importance of regional and international solidarity. Eric finishes this episode with an important plea to the rest of the Left in the US and beyond.