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Dr. Francisco Dominguez – Episode 92

This week Eric sits down with Dr. Francisco Dominguez, national secretary of the UK-based Venezuela Solidarity Campaign to discuss the latest from the Bolivarian Republic as it faces perhaps the worst crisis since Hugo Chavez rose to power at the end of the last century. Eric and Francisco begin with a discussion about the global political situation, and the imperialist imperatives of the United States in Venezuela, and Latin America. They discuss everything from global oil prices to the nature of the economic war being perpetrated against the people of Venezuela, from corporate media propaganda to the methods of destabilization and manufactured chaos. The second half of the conversation focuses on the protests, their class nature, and the disinformation being spread by corporate media about the situation on the streets. Eric and Francisco also touch on the role of the international Left, and some of the burning questions about solidarity, critique, and revolutionary movement-building. All this and much much more in this week’s CounterPunch Radio!

Music: Rebel Diaz – “Work Like Chavez”