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Douglas Lain – Episode 34

This week Eric sits down with author Douglas Lain to discuss his new book After the Saucers Landed, and a veritable menagerie of mostly related topics including identity and subjectivity, authenticity, the overlap between politics and art, and so much more. Science fiction nerds and avant-garde art geeks rejoice! There’s much to salivate over in this wide-ranging discussion where Philip K. Dick is elevated to the status of demigod, and Soviet Suprematism and Constructivism are discussed pretentiously *AND* unpretentiously. Also, both bearded and unbearded philosophers may hold hands in prayer as reference is made to everyone from Descartes to Derrida, from Barthes to Baudrillard. So much more to tell, just listen already!
Be sure to also check out Douglas Lain’s podcast Zero Squared.

Musical interlude:

Parliament – Mothership Connection (Star Child)