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David Macaray – Episode 20

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After a short absence, Eric is back this week with author, labor journalist, and all around enemy of the bosses David Macaray. Grab your hammers and sickles boys and girls as Eric and David discuss the state of labor unions, the importance of militancy and political education, international solidarity, and many other topics to get your pinko commie juices flowing. They debate whether organized labor should try to resuscitate the Democratic Party, or simply poke its corpse with an agitator’s stick. The conversation touches on the role of teachers in the labor movement, internationalism and labor history, as well as what independent organizing by unions would actually look like today.

From the halls of Richard Trumka to the shores of the LAUSD, this week’s CounterPunch Radio leaves no stone unturned…except for those being turned by scab labor…they can go to hell.

Intro and outtro by David Vest. Musical interlude from Billy Bragg.