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David Dayen – Episode 113

This week Eric welcomes author and journalist David Dayen to the show to discuss his recent investigation into ICE contractors and his coverage of the anti-ICE activist groups around the country. Eric and David discuss the privatized detention and deportation system, and how corporate profits and impunity are driving the child separation and domestic removal policies. From there, David provides some insights into the courageous and determined activist groups and local movements that are fighting back against Trump and the entire immigration machine. The second half of the conversation takes a look back 10 years after the subprime housing crisis. David, who literally wrote the book on the human costs of that crisis, explains how little has changed since 2008. Eric and David discuss everything from those impacted in 2008 to the changing nature of the housing market post-2008 which has shut out millions in favor of Wall Street. All this and a lot more in this week’s CounterPunch Radio. Don’t miss it!