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Dave Zirin – Episode 126

This week Eric welcomes to the show Dave Zirin: sports editor at The Nation, host of the Edge of Sports podcast, author of numerous books including the recent “Things that Make White People Uncomfortable,” co-authored with football star and activist Michael Bennett. Eric and Dave begin with a discussion of Colin Kaepernick’s impact on the NFL and society, as well as what his story says about America in the Trump era. From there the conversation focuses on brain injuries and football’s existential crisis, among other issues. The second half of the interview explores a racially charged incident in baseball, the plight of deeply exploited minor league players, the growing movement to break the NCAA’s exploitative monopoly over young players, and so much more. This was a fun, enlightening chat whether you love sports or not.

Music: Mission of Burma “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver”