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Volume 19 no 22

December 16-31, 2012

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Geography Counterinsurgent
By Joel Wainwright

Music Censorship – Tipper Gore and the Encore
By Lee Ballinger

Another ‘Conference of Polluters’ Confirms Climate Catastrophe
By Patrick Bond

Life in a Yoga Sex Cult – Romania’s Tantric Guru
By Stewart J. Lawrence

Japan’s Resurgent Militarism
By Tom Clifford

Privatizing the Air: The Emissions Trading Scam
By Patrick Bond

Volume 19 no 21

December 1-15, 2012

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Blown Up – Wind Industry Buffeted by Backlash
By Robert Bryce

Their Eyes Were Watching You – Notes on a Growing Surveillance State
By Tom Wright

Making Green a Threat Again
By Scott Parkin

Volume 19 no 20

November 16-30, 2012

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Vanishing Point – Canaries in the South Pacific
By Vijay Prashad

Pakistan and America Caught in a Bad Romance
By Charles Pierson

The Path to Change in Ethiopia
By Graham Peebles

Panthers in Sweden
By Gabriel Kuhn

Volume 19 no 19

November 1-15, 2012

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Fiscal Policy as Class Politics – What Keynes Really Prescribed
By Alan Nasser

The Manufacture of Knowledge – What’s Going On at the Israeli National Security Studies Think Tank
By Karim Malik

The Undocumented Population and Universalism
By Nicholas Parker

Suicides in Solitary
By Terry A. Kupers

Volume 19 no 18

October 16-31, 2012

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Aiding Corporations Through Death Squad Violence – The Blood Toll of Plan Colombia
By Daniel Kovalik

The Obama Illusion
By Rob Urie

Learning from the Zapatistas – Comañeros of the Word
By Greg Ruggiero

Volume 19 no 17

October 1-15, 2012

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Obama and Romney vs. Medicare – The First Cuts Won’t be the Deepest
By Dave Lindorff

The Arab Spring at the Crossroads – Seven Key Challenges
By Esam Al-Amin

The Kafkaesque Case of Matt Duran  – A Defense of Contempt
By Kristian Williams

Volume 19 no 15 & 16

September 1-31, 2012

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Special Tribute Issue
Alexander Cockburn
June 6, 1941 – July 21, 2012

Go Ask Alex
By Jeffrey St. Clair

Cockburn’s Promontory
By Peter Linebaugh

Ridiculing the Celebrated, Celebrating the Ridiculed
By Frank Bardacke

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Volume 19 no 14

August 1-31, 2012

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The Path to Full Employment – An Interview with Robert Pollin
By Laura Flanders

Vietnam Today – Passing from Communism
By Gabriel Kolko

Like a Tree Planted by the Rivers
By Daniel Wolff

Our Voltaire – Alexander Cockburn
By Jeffrey St. Clair

Volume 19 no 13

July 1-31, 2012

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The Humiliation of JP Morgan – Cut to the Chase
By Mike Whitney

The Dreyfus Affair, Revisited
By Israel Shamir

Women and Revolution
By Ron Jacobs

The Fake War on Police
By Kevin Carson

Rape in the Congo, Giséle’s Story
By Victoria Fontan

Volume 19 no 12

June 16-30, 2012

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Black Farmers vs. the USDA – Jim Crow in the Fields
By Heather Gray

David Brower at 100 – My Dad the Archdruid
By Kenneth Brower

Cornwall Diary: Extraction Zones – From Penzance to California
By Iain A. Boal

Welfare Reform in Britain  – David Cameron’s Assault on the Poor
By Joseph Richardson

Volume 19 no 11

June 1-15, 2012

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Resistance’s Half-Life: Militarization and the Growing Academic Silence
By David Price

Romney’s Slash-and-Burn Economics
By Mike Whitney

The Fall of the House of Stanford
By Jeffrey St. Clair

Volume 19 no 10

May 16-31, 2012

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Deep Poverty in American Today
Laura Flanders talks to Peter Edelman

Remembering the U.S. Attack on Vietnam Fifty Years Ago
By Jean Bricmont

The Real Function of Socialism  – Is the Left a Right-Wing Conspiracy?
By Israel Shamir