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Brian Mier – Episode 127

This week Eric welcomes to the show Brian Mier. Brian is a Brazil-based journalist, editor of BrasilWire, and author of the new book “Year of Lead: Washington, Wall Street, and the New Imperialism in Brazil.” Eric and Brian begin by discussing the changes on the streets and in institutions of power since the election of the far right President Jair Bolsonaro. Brian highlights some of the disturbing trends, and provides insights into the escalating war on LGBTQ, Afro-Brazilian, and indigenous communities. The conversation also touches on Trump, Bannon, and the connection between Bolsonaro’s power and the rise of the far right all over the Global North. The second half of the show touches on the failure of analysis from much of the western left, the importance of the movements to free former president Lula and oppose the neoliberal austerity measures and attacks on pensions, the rise of the Marielles, the role of commodity price collapse in ushering in the political instability in Brazil and so much more. Don’t miss this informative discussion about the state of Brazil today with one of the leading experts on the subject.

Music: Chumbawamba – Bella Ciao