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Arun Gupta – Episode 108

This week Eric welcomes back to the show author and journalist Arun Gupta to discuss everything from being a journalist in the Trump era to immigration, trade wars, and the sorry state of analysis on the left today. The show begins with a discussion of the Trump news cycle, the importance of sticking to issues, and some banter about Russia and what is, or isn’t, important to our political reality. From there, Eric and Arun discuss Trump’s trade wars, and whether it’s a brilliant move from a position of strength, or a dangerous play that could harm his political fortunes. The second half of the show focuses on immigration, and how the Trump Administration has used immigration “enforcement” as a form of ethnic cleansing. Also, Eric and Arun explore the obsession in some quarters of the left with Obama, and the new mantra of whataboutism that Obama has come to represent. So much covered in this wide-ranging interview. Don’t miss it.

*Note: Some minor audio issues just before the break, which last a few minutes.

Music: Constantines – “Young Lions”