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Aly Wane – Episode 105

This week Eric welcomes to the show undocumented activist and organizer Aly Wane to discuss refugees and migration, the Trump Administration’s policies at the border, and the political trajectory that brought us here. Aly and Eric discuss everything from the horrific, fascistic enforcement policy of the Orange Beast to the complicity of Democrats and liberals in creating the infrastructure that Trump now employs. The conversation explores the connection between the refugee/migration issue and US imperialism, and how that understanding is critical to building a true resistance movement. Aly provides valuable insights from his many years of activism, urging listeners and aspiring activists to mobilize and show true solidarity with the victims of the deportation machine. This wide-ranging interview should be heard by everyone who truly wants to learn from the experiences of our brothers and sisters most affected by this.

Music: Linton Kwesi Johnson – “Fite Dem Back”